Locate Us at: 2141 Prospect Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64127

Our Facility Open is 24 hours a Day!

KD Academy Early Learning Center, LLC is a place where little minds grow and flourish in a nurturing environment. Our childcare center is dedicated to providing a safe and engaging space for your child’s early education journey. With experienced teachers, stimulating activities, and a commitment to your child’s well-being, we’re here to make their learning experience truly exceptional.

About The Owners

KD Academy Early Learning Center, LLC, a home-based facility that opened its doors to the public in August 2012, is proudly owned by Myron and Penny McCant and is situated in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. The proprietors have 27 years of combined experience, have a proven track record of success in the childcare sector, and have made significant contributions to the community. From a philosophical standpoint, they hold that the foundation of long-term connections in the childcare sector is the value of a relationship with parents. We have an unwavering love for every child because we know they are the foundation of our future.

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